Thursday, March 08, 2007


An obvious lack of words this week on "born a girl." I have been swamped with work. As a self-employed graphic designer that's a good thing. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and I question my decision of going off on my own. It was nice when someone else took care of the paperwork, the sales calls, the money and the majority of the headaches. I would show up for work at 8 and leave at 5. There's a lot of pros and cons to working on my own.

Without the internet, I think I'd go stir crazy. In the beginning, I missed the human contact immensely. I pestered my friends by calling them probably much too often at first. I then discovered a couple of online communities of graphic designers and now feel like I have some co-workers. Designers are notoriously insecure about their own work and skills so it's important to have someone to bounce ideas off of and ask questions of.

At the old job I would print something out and on the way back from the printer stop at a cube and say "Does this look really crappy or just sort of crappy?" Poor Miss T sat next to the printer so she got the brunt of it. I would repay her by performing puppet shows with my desk toys for her over the wall of her cubicle. I miss the co-workers but overall, I wouldn't trade what and where I do for anything. For now anyways. ;)

I worked most of the night last night and am running on fumes. Sometimes this puts the creativity in high gear with me. I was full of good ideas this afternoon and while waiting for a CD to burn and a large file to print, I did a bit of doodling. From the sometimes strange and overtired brain of balou...


Dorky Dad said...

I think you should make a t-shirt out of that. You should sell it on your blog. Then you should give me a free one because I gave you the idea.

I'm really just pining for a free t-shirt.

Balou said...

DD: LOL! I think your free T-shirt would be the only one missing from inventory. :D

Mary said...

I'm confused--

Did you say you're a graphic designer OR a writer...

Because writers have NO insecurities at all -- and absolutely NO neurotic need to have others check their crappy work -- and absolutely NO desire for friends of any kind -- and NEVER screw off when they should be working -- and think that doing EVERYTHING for themselves is the ONLY way to go.

Oh my dear Balou -- double whammy! But damn, you ARE creative! I'll take a free t-shirt ;-)

Logophile said...

You mean all this time I was a graphic artist and didn't know it?
This explains so much!

Oh yes, internet as interpersonal communication tool, check!
The line for shirts is getting longer!

RennyBA said...

They say a picture says more than a thousand words - your scratch says more than a million. I got a good laugh looking at the lovely smile on that cat!
Btw: Good to know you enjoy the feeling of being free as a self employed and due to the Internet, a 'co-worker' is never long away - even a Norwegian is just a click away you know:-)
Wishing you a wonderful end to your week!

actonbell said...

Oh, I love that doodle! And there are definitely UPS to being self-employed, from my point of view.
1. no obnoxious coworkers
2. set your own hours
3. you can plan your vacations for when YOU want them, and make it happen.

You can tell I just love my job, right? heh
Happy weekend!

Balou said...

Mary: I suppose insecurity is a human nature and not just specific to graphic designers. But I've read you, and it's not crappy at all. :)

logo: Never too late to capitolize on your insecure nature! ;) I actually thought you may be a designer with your name "logophile".

Renny: You're the one that taught me about the blogging community. Thank you for that.

actonbell: I did forget to list the pros. You're absolutely right on all of them. Probably first on my list is "No office politics and drama".

Bone said...

Does this look really crappy or just sort of crappy?

That sounds exactly like me when I write something and lack confidence in it. I'll say something like, "How bad does this suck?"