Sunday, March 11, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls

Be sure to check out Actonbell's posts highlighting important women on her blog Tempest in a Teapot. It is Women's History Month after all.

on a side note...

This was on
PostSecret this week. They update every Sunday. I loved this one. (read ALL the text)


Dorky Dad said...

I hadn't seen that postsecret blog. That was pretty cool. And kinda creepy. But I'm good with creepy.

And I didn't know it was women's history month. Thanks for the info.

Balou said...

Dorky Dad: It does get a bit creepy sometimes but I love that absolutely nothing is sacred or taboo there. I have one of his books. It made me laugh, cry, scratch my head & cringe.

Logophile said...

Balou, I love Actonbell AND Postsecrets. I hit it every Sunday and that one caught my eye too.

Mary said...

Balou -- This has got to be one the most profound statement/images I've seen in a LONG time. Thanks for posting it.

Re: W.H.M. -- I'm so grateful to so many inspirational women in our past (and present). We owe them so much. A mere month to honor them is skimpy, a decade would seem more appropriate.