Friday, March 16, 2007

Cyber Cruising with Lifecruiser

Just in time for a much needed vacation, I'll be cyber-cruising with the gang over at Lifecruiser. Stop in. Today we board the ship in Sweden with Lifecruiser then it's off to Norway with my friend RennyBA and TorAa. More stops in Belgium, Spain, Germany, USA, Italy, Dominican Republic, Australia and one mystery destination! This is my first cruise so I'm learning the ropes, swabbing the decks and making espresso. I think there will be a lot of parties, smart talking and drinking involved. I've already danced with the very handsome Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden in the swankiest bar in Stockholm, Cafe´ Opera. Life could only be better if it were sans-cyber cyber-cruising.



I am on the swab team, too. I hope that you are having fun.

RennyBA said...

Thanks for plugging me and I'm delighter to have you on board. I'm glad you had a jolly good time shopping in Oslo too and hope you enjoy the stuff you bought at Kondomeriet;-)
Your welcome any time to party with the Vikings!

mar said...

I see you have a weakness for royals, lol! looking for Principe Felipe to introduce you to him :)