Friday, March 23, 2007

Ingrid returns!

My Ingrid is home! She was at her sister's out east for 2 months but now she is back! I missed her. I met Ingrid nine years ago when she came to one of my garage sales and she tried on clothes behind a pickup in the back of our pole barn. We talked for an hour.

She is an artist and creates wonderful, unique pottery in her barn-studio. Not long after that garage sale I began working for her sanding pottery. We got to know each other while chatting over clay dust. I don't think I ever received money from her but rather I worked in exchange for pottery. It's a true joy to be in her studio when Ingrid opens up a kiln to reveal her newly glazed creations. It's like Christmas and Ingrid is filled with child-like excitement every time.

Her art isn't limited to her pottery. She's also talented in drawing, painting, photography, fiber arts, and cuisine. You just can't help but be inspired by her creativity. She is a great friend that has helped open my eyes to art and how it exists in every corner of our lives. I am indebted to her forever for that gift.


lime said...

oh, we all need an ingrid in our lives!

Dorky Dad said...

I don't know anybody named Ingrid, but I do like garage sales. I went to one this weekend, in fact. Bought my boy a bike.

Balou said...

lime: I agree!

dorky dad: What a good Dad! I'm glad you weren't trying on clothes behind pickups. ;)

actonbell said...

Hurray for Ingrid! That sounds like such a wonderful experience.